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Leesville High School Seat Sponsorship at Wampus Cat Stadium

Posted Date: 12/02/2020


Leesville High School Seat Sponsorship at Wampus Cat Stadium




Wampus Cat Fans and Supporters,


We are pleased to announce that next season Wampus Cat Stadium will be installing high back chairs in sections A, B, and C. These sections will be re-numbered and new section designations will also be provided. We are moving towards this direction in hopes of providing a more comfortable seat and more importantly - space. We realize that Wampus Cat Stadium is a special place where generation of fans have built countless memories and that all of those memories were made by sitting in the same seat throughout all of those years. However, as the school has changed and as the times have changed, so can Wampus Cat Stadium.


In helping to facilitate this change we are asking for the fans and community to assist by pledging to be a seat sponsor.  Seat Sponsorship allows you to commemorate yourself or as an alumnus, promote your business, or you can dedicate a chair in memory of a beloved Wampus Cat.  


Sponsorships will come in three catergories:


Sponsored by (to recognize any businesses in the community for advertisement purposes)

Class of (to recognize any Alumni that want their name placed in the stadium)

In Memory of (to memorialize any fallen Wampus Cat or family member)


Cost of a seat sponsorship is only $100.

Season ticket holders DO NOT have to sponsor a seat but they will have the option to do so

Businesses or individuals can sponsor a seat without purchasing season tickets 


We know that this will limit the amount of tickets available in this section and we apologize that some fans might lose seats that they have had for 20, 30, or 40 years. However, this decision is being based upon what is currently best for Leesville High School, Leesville High School facilities, and most importantly Leesville High School Football. We will release all information regarding sponsoring a seat in the very near future. We thank you for your understanding and support.



Once a Wampus Cat, Always a Wampus Cat,





Mark Mawae


Leesville High School