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Please read- Grades Finalized

Posted Date: 06/03/2021

Please read- Grades Finalized

At this time LHS has finalized grades; however, the parent account on Parent Center is not accessible. Please login to your STUDENTS ACCOUNT on Parent Center to view their grades at

The username is your students lunch number. 

The password is your students 8 digit date of birth with no characters (XXXXXXXX)

Once logged in, click on grades, then take a look at the final column to determine if your student has passed or failed a course.

Pay special attention to character. 

Asterisk (F*)= attendance failure

Hashtag (F#) = course failure

If the final column shows a course failure, but your student has earned three quality points throughout the school year they are eligible for summer school. You can pick up summer school applications in the front office and return them by June 7. Summer school takes place June 7-24 Monday-Thursday from 8-11am.

Quality Points are earned by the following grades: 

A=4 quality points

B=3 quality points 

C=2 quality points

D=1 quality point

F=0 quality points

Please contact the LHS office at 337-239-3464 if you need further information. Please be mindful of the high call volume. We will return calls as quickly as we are able. 

Thanks for a great school year!