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Important Athletic Information

Posted Date: 02/01/2022

Important Athletic Information



  1. Fall Eligibility - To be eligible for fall competition a student athlete must pass 6 of 7 classes and maintain a 1.50 grade point average (GPA). 

  2. Spring Eligibility - Pass 6 of 7 classes from the fall semester. 

  3. Seniors with 20 hours have to take a minimum of 4 classes (2 full credits or 4 half credits) 

    1. Must pass at least 4 half credits or 2 full credits to be eligible. 

  4. Student athletes cannot participate in independent league games or practices during the same season as the sport they are playing. 

    1. Example - You cannot play or practice basketball with another team AT ANY TIME when you are playing for Leesville High School. Freshman, Junior Varsity or Varsity. 

  5. To PRACTICE or COMPETE you have to have a completed physical BY A DOCTOR on the appropriate LHSAA form. 

    1. Please make sure at the bottom left it says “revised 6/18”

    2. Physicals that are not “revised 6/18” will not be accepted. 

  6. You can take summer school classes, but it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure your updated grades are posted to your transcript by the first day of school. 

  7. I’s on your report card counts as F’s for eligibility. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CLEAR THEM UP. 

  8. Student Athletes at Leesville High School are required to ride with the team to and from events associated with Leesville High School.